Thursday, November 6, 2008

A joy like none other

I am passionate about books….I can read anything under the sun, just for the joy of reading.

Technology has grown leaps and bounds and in a matter of a decade, things one never envisaged became a reality. E-books, audio books are probably the norm now. But, I somehow cannot still relate myself to reading an e-book or listen to an audio one.

The joy of holding a book in your hands, the flipping of each page, the hope that a good book just does not end, fast reading a book that you do not like , cannot possibly be replaced by an e-book.

Not that I have never tried reading one, but something seems to be missing !! It’s just not the same.

I finished reading White Tiger by Aarvind Adiga yesterday. The Booker prized only made me pick it up before a long list of “wanna reads” I had.

When I started reading the book, I felt that it was just another book which talks about the poverty in India, or the “darkness” as Adiga puts it. A surefire topic to win brownie points and awards in the West.

But as I read through, I agreed with the author. India inspite of its globalization, IT boom , still remains a land in darkness. A good read through and through , but did any of the others deserved the Booker more than this one , and the topic made the judges biased , can’t say

Waiting to pick up the next book and get back to a different world …..

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