Monday, August 17, 2009

Am I still in Kal ?

My all time favourite movie is Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. Many would feel clich├ęd, how could someone like a movie like that….

But it struck a chord with me somewhere….The way the director actually played with your emotions, how you actually feel bad for Ash and Salman’s characters when she gets married to Ajay Devgan bang in the middle of the interval. And then actually feel, can’t Ash stay married to Ajay Devgan…he is too good !! Maybe I am sounding very girly …

I recently saw Love Aaj Kal…a timepass movie, but I somehow left the theatre feeling very disillusioned. The protagonist gets married to an individual X and decides on the next day of marriage that he is not the guy for me.

For most of us in India , marriage means security; it means getting back home and being just yourself with that one person you can be what you really are…Marriage also probably means , not to worry if your partner is going to tell you the next day , I am out of love and I want to walk out…

The movie actually made me think, Is India changing and would the youth of today totally identify with the female protagonist in the movie, as simple as …you aren’t the right one for me , lets say goodbye without actually making an effort to make the marriage work.

I believe I am one of the youth of today who has a mind of her own, but in this case, am I still in Kal ( yesterday ) ?

Marriage for me is for keeps , where you trust the person completely and give it your best shot without expecting anything in return…you make every effort to make it work than throwing the towel ( both literally and figuratively ) at every little thing…

Am I in Kal if I believe so ??